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Transforming scientific data into clinical knowledge

UW Drug Interaction Solutions provides tools to navigate drug interaction findings to get you to the data you need.


Largest curated collection

The UW Drug Interaction Database (DIDB) has the largest manually curated collection of preclinical (in vitro, human) and clinical (in vivo) data available.

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More data every day

Only from the most relevant publications and regulatory documents.

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New  FDA marker queries

These allow you to search for in vitro and clinical data for inhibitors of CYP markers, and, in a second step from the query results page, view clinical concentrations of each inhibitor.

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Supporting scientists

Dedicated to supporting scientists in their decision-making process when evaluating pharmacokinetic (PK)-based drug interactions and drug safety.

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Providing custom solutions

The Drug Interaction Solutions team can assist in leveraging the extensive in vitro and in vivo content of the DIDB to best suit your project-specific needs.

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Preclinical datasets

The preclinical datasets contain results from both human in vitro metabolism and transporter studies. These datasets have been trusted and used by pharmaceutical and regulatory scientists for 20 years.

Clinical datasets

The clinical datasets contain results from drug-drug, drug-food, drug-herb interaction, organ impairment, and pharmacogenetics studies.

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Trusted by scientists

  Internationally recognized and trusted

DIDB is internationally recognized as an authoritative, unbiased, transparent research tool by over 120 organizations from over 40 countries working in:

  • Pharmaceutical companies of all sizes
  • Regulatory agencies
  • Contract Research Organizations
  • Academics institutions
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Publishers of drug information
  • Providers of clinical decision support system