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Transforming scientific data into clinical knowledge

UW Drug Interaction Solutions provides tools to navigate drug interaction findings to get you to the data you need.

Testimonial - table

DIDB is an amazing resource

DIDB is an amazing resource. It streamlines our research of pharmacokinetic parameters for individual drugs and has cut down our time to evaluate a medication by at least 50%. The team there is responsive to questions, and they have a nice training program to orient you to the tool.

The ability to filter drug data in a seemingly infinite number of ways is a key feature.

Senior Vice President of Medical Affairs
Pharmacogenetics & Personalized Medicine Service Provider, USA

Testimonial - monograph

Precious tool for pharmacologists

University of Washington DIDB is a precious tool for clinical pharmacologists; it is of invaluable help for drug-drug interactions, but there is much more, with all the available resources, monographs, and information on PK, effects of hepatic and renal impairment, side and pharmacodynamic effects.

Whilst before I started scholar-googling any new compound I had to deal with, DIDB is now my starting place.

Senior Director
Biosimulation Service Provider, Italy

20 years

Celebrating 20 years of DIDB licensing and the recognition by our peers at ASCPT

of “the great accomplishments and the superb drug
interaction resource we created.”

DIDB, celebrating 20 years
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Largest curated collection

The UW Drug Interaction Database (DIDB) has the largest manually curated collection of human in vitro and clinical (in vivo) data available.

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More data every day

00,000 citations with 000,000 entries

000 NDA/BLAs with 0,000 entries

From all relevant publications (citations) and FDA regulatory documents.

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New  DDI Marker Studies

Our new DDI Marker Studies Knowledgebase is now available in the Resource Center and replaces the previous combined and individual lists of CYP/P-gp substrates and perpetrators.

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Supporting scientists

Dedicated to supporting scientists in their decision-making process when evaluating pharmacokinetic (PK)-based drug interactions and drug safety.

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Providing custom solutions

The Drug Interaction Solutions team can assist in leveraging the extensive in vitro and in vivo content of the DIDB to best suit your project-specific needs.

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Human in vitro datasets

The human in vitro datasets contain results from both metabolism and transporter studies. These datasets have been trusted and used by pharmaceutical and regulatory scientists for 20 years.

Clinical datasets

The clinical datasets contain results from drug-drug, drug-food, drug-herb interaction, organ impairment, and pharmacogenetics studies.

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Trusted by scientists

  Internationally recognized and trusted

DIDB is internationally recognized as an authoritative, unbiased, transparent research tool by 200 organizations from over 40 countries working in:

  • Pharmaceutical companies of all sizes
  • Regulatory agencies
  • Contract Research Organizations
  • Academics institutions
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Publishers of drug information
  • Providers of clinical decision support system