How we work

The data curation activity has been mastered in-house by the team at Certara-Drug Interaction Solutions for over 20 years. The highly collaborative and flowing process allows quality data to be released daily in the Drug Interaction Database (DIDB®).

One of the distinctive features of the data curation for DIDB® is how the richness of each citation is exploited to bring valuable, contextual information to each quantitative result.

Selection of Citations

We identify the latest, most relevant publications and regulatory documents from NDA/BLA packages for manual curation.

Data Extraction

Prior to integration, the data is carefully and critically evaluated.

When appropriate, and sometimes upon discussion with the study authors, comments are attached to the data. The richness of each citation is exploited, generating a highly detailed dataset. The data is formatted for immediate use and to allow meta-analysis of multiple sources.

Data Entry and Validation

Once entered into the database, the data is validated by a second curator, who thoroughly reviews the studies and citations to make sure all the relevant information has been accurately extracted and represented.

Only then is the data released and accessible to end-users.

Data Release

This process, built over more than 20 years has been mastered by the team and is highly collaborative, allowing the knowledgebase to be updated with new information daily, and the applications to be enriched with new scientific findings as soon as they become available.

Thorough standard operating procedures support the selection, distribution, data entry, and data validation of citations in the database.