New features! Drug Characteristics queries expanded, and Invite a colleague to use DIDB

Drug characteristics queries are expanded from AUC-CL change queries to Drug queries. Two drug queries are now enabling users to search using object or precipitant characteristics

  • the Drug queries with Objects
  • the Drug queries with Precipitants

Invite a colleague to register to access DIDB. With this feature most of you (some restrictions apply based on the license type) can now invite a colleague from your company to register to access DIDB. Anyone working in preclinical DMPK, Clinical Pharmacology, Safety, Medical, and Regulatory Affairs can benefit from using DIDB.

When you are signed in DIDB, you can use the “invite a colleague” green button located on the right side of each of the DIDB pages, alongside the “contact us” blue button.

As always, feel free to contact us if you have any questions or comments. Your feedback is critical to make the most of the DIDB content and functionalities!