New features! Drug Characteristics now integrated in queries

DIDB Drug Characteristics include several key drug properties such as:

  • substrate sensitivity, 
  • precipitant potency, 
  • QT prolongation, 
  • narrow therapeutic index. 

These characteristics are now embedded in most query results and are presented for both the object and the precipitant drugs, if applicable. 

The addition of drug characteristics to the table of results provides contextual information enabling a better understanding of the drug-drug interaction data and its clinical relevance.

As the next step, drug characteristics will power DIDB searches. To start, two in vivo queries are now enabling users to search using object or precipitant characteristics

  • the “Percent Change in AUC or CL” queries with Objects, 
  • the “Percent Change in AUC or CL” queries with Precipitants,

Please contact us if you find this new feature useful before we expand it to additional queries. As always, your feedback is critical to make the most of the DIDB content and functionalities!