New “Overall Effect” for in vivo studies to include absorption-based DDIs

As a result of our continuous efforts to expand the DIDB platform coverage of pharmacokinetic-based drug interactions beyond metabolism and transport, the following new “Overall Effect” categories are now available for in vivo DDI studies:

  • In Vivo Other Mechanism >20% Effect
  • In Vivo Other Mechanism No Effect

With the following Study subtypes

  1. pH dependency (absorption)
  2. Binding/chelation (absorption)
  3. Gastrointestinal motility (absorption)
  4. Plasma protein binding displacement (distribution)
  5. Enzyme down-regulation/up-regulation reversal (metabolism)
  6. Complex/multifactorial mechanism

As we increase the number of citations pertaining to these mechanisms, you will start seeing these new studies in the queries (dropdown menus) and their results. As a first step, we entered all pH-dependent DDI evaluations (both negative and positive results) with proton pump inhibitors and we will continue adding absorption-based DDIs to the platform during the coming months.

Should you have questions, comments or concerns, please contact us.