Upcoming release of new features on April 6, 2019!

The DIDB Team will release new features on Saturday April 6, 2019. The release includes the following improvements:

  • Revised home page with a new “Latest NDAs entered” section.
  • Added number of entries (studies) to standard citation info.
  • Added new monograph page for all compounds.
    • This new monograph page combines the previously separate PK summary, QT summary, and monograph into a single page.
    • What was formerly known as “Monograph” is now “DDI summary” and has been renamed throughout application.
    • New monograph page also aggregates some other additional information on each compound such as DIDB defined compound relationships, other properties from DIDB, and some selected external resources.
    • Every compound has a monograph page, but many compounds may not have a DDI, PK, or QT summary, so there may be very little information presented.
  • In Resource Center, added listings of all compounds in each therapeutic class, including DDI risk information.  This new therapeutic class information is a replacement for the DDI risk information which was presented in the Disease section.   The entire Disease section has been removed.
  • In Resource Center, added two new listings – all compounds with DDI Summaries and all compounds with PK Profiles.
  • Removed pdf product labels and replaced with link to Drugs@FDA when an NDA is related to the drug.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any feedback or questions!